Fear Free

Take the fear out of visiting the vet!


Take the pet out of petrified!

We are proud to have Fear Free certified professionals on our team. We are dedicated to caring for your pet’s emotional well-being as well as his or her physical well-being. “Fear Free” veterinary visits help to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress and creates an experience that is better for you and your pet.

We know that the stress and anxiety associated with taking a pet to the veterinarian is a significant reason why. Fear leads to trauma for our patients, and as a result, pet owners visit their veterinarian less often or not at all, instead opting to seek advice and products from other sources.

Fortunately, there is a solution! We’re here to help restore trust in veterinarians as the true pet health experts, and most importantly, reduce feelings of stress, resulting in a better experience for all involved, including you, your pet, and the Caring Heart team: Fear Free veterinary visits!

What Does it Mean to be a Fear Free Practice?

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