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We want you to feel confident when you bring your pet to Caring Heart Animal Hospital. During each and every visit, we want to make sure that your entire family, including four-legged members, is comfortable. We practice the Fear Free method which is an expert approach to alleviating stress and anxiety around providing veterinary care, putting your pet’s emotional well being first.

Behavior Counseling
Behavioral health is important, as it can affect not only your pet’s mental well being but yours as well. In addition to advising new puppy/kitten owners on how to start off on the right foot, Dr. Kim Weisner has a passion for helping pets with behavioral issues. Many pets have anxiety which can lead to other problems such as aggression, inappropriate urination/defecation, gastrointestinal problems, decreased human-animal bond, confinement and decreased opportunity for social interactions, all resulting in a poorer quality of life. Dr. Kim can discuss these issues with owners while ruling out any underlying medical conditions which may be contributing factors. If needed, she can recommend nutritional supplements, behavioral medications, information on skilled dog trainers in the area, and in certain situations can refer to a veterinary behaviorist to consult with.
Periodontal disease (disease of the tissues surrounding the teeth) is irreversible once it occurs and can lead to oral discomfort as well as systemic disease. With regular dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis), proper gum and periodontal health can be better maintained. Studies have proven that good dental health can considerable lengthen a pet’s life span. Dental disease can result in negative effects on the liver, kidneys, and heart. Dental prophylaxis can help provide a happier and healthier life for your family friend.
Dental Radiology
Most dental disease hides below the gum line and cannot be adequately identified without dental X-rays. Just as in human medicine, we use dental radiographs to identify problems, so that they can be appropriately treated. Without dental radiographs, many painful diseases could be missed.
Skin is the largest organ of the body. Diseases affecting the skin can have a significant effect on the health and happiness of your pet.

Successful management of these diseases requires a partnership and close communication between the veterinary staff and owner. At Caring Heart, we take the time to properly address these challenging conditions that not only causes discomfort but also takes a toll on the human animal bond.


We understand how difficult this decision can be. The staff at Caring Heart is caring and compassionate during this difficult time.

Health Certificates
No one wants to have their pet unable to reach their traveling destination because of improper paper work. At Caring Heart, we work hard to ensure that your pet has the necessary tests, vaccinations, treatments, and certificates to meet your traveling needs, and ensure that they are able to reach their destination.
Infectious Disease Management
Infectious diseases can potentially be debilitating and potentially fatal. Dr. Chris has received advanced training in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various infectious diseases, ranging from skin infections, respiratory infections, tick related infections, heartworm disease, and systemic bacterial diseases such as leptospirosis. Many of these diseases can be prevented with proper preventative care.
Through a combination of in-house diagnostic machines and outside laboratory services, we can provide diagnostics on blood, urine, stool, and tissue samples. These tests are crucial to disease prevention, disease identification, and disease treatment. By utilizing these tests, we are able to help pets live happier and healthier lives.
Microchipping is the most effective way to ensure that if your pet is lost, it can be returned home. All veterinary hospitals and shelters have the ability to scan your pets microchip and identify your phone number and address, so that you can quickly recover your missing family friend.
Nutritional Counseling
The positive impact of proper nutrition on health and disease is well established in all animals. As pets enter new life stages, their dietary requirements also vary. We can assist in evaluating whether the diet being fed is meeting your pet’s specific needs at their age as well as preventing or managing certain diseases. In some cases, we may even recommend nutritional supplements or prescription diets. In addition to helping select the TYPE of food, we also can counsel owners on how MUCH to feed to meet each pet’s individual daily caloric requirements. If your pet is overweight, we can help develop a weight loss program. Dr. Kim has a passion as well as advanced training in clinical nutrition.
Pain Management
It can be a challenge to identify pain in dogs and cats. Often, significant orthopedic pain is misidentified as “slowing down due to old age”. Oral pain can often be missed, as dogs and cats will often eat well, despite being in pain.

From diagnosis to treatment, Caring Heart is devoted to helping pets live a happy and healthy life. A very important component of this philosophy is pain management. Pain can be from oral disease, skin conditions, traumatic injuries, cancer, and osteoarthritis, as examples.

We use a combination of diet, nutraceuticals, and medications to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. Pain is one of the most under-recognized and under-managed conditions in veterinary medicine that causes a decrease in quality of life. If not identified early and adequately treated, pain can progress into a chronic pain state that becomes refractory to medications and can result in a shortened life span for your pet.

Preventive Care & Vaccinations
The best way to ensure that your pet has the happiest and healthiest life is proper preventative care. This includes vaccinations, screening diagnostic tests, as well as preventing tick-related diseases and heartworm disease. With regular physical examination, preventative treatments, and diagnostics, we can help prevent debilitating diseases and identify health conditions earlier, leading to better outcomes for your pet. Our preventative care programs are individualized to your pet’s needs. By taking your pet’s age and lifestyle into account, we partner with you to determine the best preventative care program for your unique pet.
Radiology & Ultrasound
We have a new state of the art radiology machine that can take high definition digital X-rays to ensure that the best quality radiographs are taken and evaluated. At Caring Heart, we can have a radiologist specialist consult on the radiographs to ensure the most accurate diagnosis. We can also schedule ultrasounds at the hospital performed by a board-certified internal medicine specialist, to compliment our radiology services.
In addition to spays and neuters, we are able to provide more advanced soft tissue surgical procedures. We use the most advanced anesthetic and pain relief strategies to provide the most comfort and safety for your pet. Additionally, Dr. Dennis Ting, a board-certified surgeon, is available to perform orthopedic surgeries.

From arrival to Caring Heart through discharge, we take all the necessary measures to ensure that your pet is calm and comfortable, utilizing “fear free” techniques. In addition to your pet’s comfort, safety is also paramount. We use advanced monitoring tools, as well as place IV catheters, and provide intravenous fluid therapy. Our surgical and anesthetic team is knowledgeable and very experienced.


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